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Thank You & Further Resources

Astro is open source. Which means they have many contributors. There are more than 3.000! It is easy to get started using this guide. What I like is that they encourage contributions that aren’t code. Like providing a translation of the docs. They also update their blog each month honoring outstanding contributors.

The docs for Astro are some of the best that I’ve ever seen. It would not have been possible to create this website without them! Sarah Rainsberger, the lead for the docs team, explains what makes them so special. This presentation shows how to create docs that help and support the community.

I appreciate this community-driven approach as it aligns with my interests in community management. I’ve never thought of technical documentation in this way. It has given me a new perspective. This field combines my interest in community building with technical writing.

More resources for learning Astro

Two YouTube channels regularly update with content about Astro.

These creators both offer Astro courses as well.

There is also this tutorial by James on Free Code Camp

I will add more to this list as I find things not previously mentioned in the earlier chapters.